10 December, 2015

Holiday Message from Ezme

Click on the play button below for a special greeting from our whole family everywhere...



10 December, 2015

"My Mom is a Beast"

Ezme in the workout room while nutrition and fitness expert Mom shows off her strength...


10 December, 2015

The Tough Life of

Joe the Cat


Joe wants to make it clear that he has it a lot tougher than Orange Kitty (see story below.)

While Orange gets to luxuriate in the bed, poor Joe has to sleep on the floor...



1 December, 2015

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting:

"Baboquivari: Spirit Mountain of the Tahono O'odham"

This is a representation of the peak 50 miles southwest of Tucson; the mountain is sacred to the people of that land, who consider it ‘the navel of the world.’

The place is central to their Creation story, and anyone who has spent a night on the peak will tell you it is one of the special places on Earth.

It’s located in the same mountains and due south of Kitt Peak National Observatory. On a clear night, the entire Universe unfolds before you.

I hope you like the painting. It completes my work on the 2016 TMac Art Calendar.
This is the 10th annual edition; it goes to the printer early next week. If
you’ve never received a calendar before, please excuse the oversight. Let us know and you’ll get yours along with everyone else the week before Christmas.


22 November, 2015

The Cushy Life

of a Formerly Feral Cat


This is Orange Kitty.

He used to be a feral cat, living wild in our neighborhood.

For the first seven years we knew him, he wouldn't let us touch him. Then we bought him a condo for the backporch,

and he lived a life of feral luxury.

Finally, after years of cajoling, Caroline convinced him to let her hold him;

eventually, he moved in and has turned into an affectionate purring machine.

Now we have to excuse ourselves when we disturb his slumbers on our bed.

Or...his bed. Depends on who you ask.


25 October, 2015

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting:

"Life in a Bloom Field"


15 October, 2015

Clara's Early First Steps:


Other Recent T.R. MacDonald Oil Paintings:

"Northwest Reverie"


"Japanese Maple Canopy"


"Peppers and a Turquoise Tray"




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