TransformwithMariah.com Goes Live!

Mariah MacDonald's new website, transformwithmariah.com, has gone live

and is already attracting new clients and potential clients from Annapolis and around the country.

As clients, we could write glowing testimonials about her knowledge and skills as a trainer and coach, but

you'll find better testimony on the transformwithmariah.com website itself.

Go there today, and remember, no matter where you are, she offers both in-person and online training.

31 August, 2015

"Northwest Reverie"

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting


24 August, 2015

Amanda MacDonald the New Swim Coach at Alma Mater

Amanda MacDonald today began a new career as head swim coach at Highline,

Tyee & Evergreen High Schools in Seattle. A 1995 graduate of Highline High, Amanda had a highly successful youth in the pool.

She was a big part of her summer Gregory Seahurst swim club winning seven straight Seattle City Championships,

and in high school, her Highline teams finished 5th in the state, won the state championsip her junior year, and

lost the state championship her senior year due to a DQ in the last event, the 4 x 200 freestyle relay,

which allowed Bainbridge Island High to eke out a victory.

Amanda is pictured below in that Fall, 1994 state championship meet at the Federal Way pool...


18 August, 2015

Terry and Caroline Begin to

Transform with Mariah

Caroline and Terry just entered the third week of an intensive 12-week fitness/nutrition regimen with

their world-class trainer/youngest daughter, Mariah--who recently moved to Annapolis with her two babies.

Mariah built a successful reputation for changing bodies and people's lives in Austin since 2007, and she's as great as ever.

She really knows her stuff.


Things started off a little slowly for Terry, but Caroline has lost twenty pounds since the babies moved here.

(A lot of that is from power-lifting babies.)

Terry's diet still needs some tweaking, as Mariah pointed out by sending him this less-than-subtle message...


9 August, 2015

Terry a Voice for The Civil War


Terry has been chosen once again to add his voice to a major documentary series for PBS.

We recently recorded the funding pods and bumpers for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Ken Burns' landmark series,

The Civil War, which airs nationally beginning September 7.

Last year, Terry performed the same role for the hit PBS series, The Roosevelts.


10 August, 2015

Terry's New Narration Demo


Terry recently edited new Narration and Commercial demos for this website.

Both can be found on our Voice page.

"It always takes me back to my days as a Seattle recording studio owner," Terry said, "editing voice demos for major Northwest talents like

Ken Boynton, Bob Zenk and Jeff Hoyt. I can cut sound -- that's part of what got me here."

See what you think. Here's Terry's new Narration demo ... just click on the icon ...




1 August, 2015

Ezme Styling...

...in her new pink Converse low-tops...


29 July, 2015

"Japanese Maple Canopy"

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting

"While I was doing this work, I couldn't decide if it was a beauty or a mess," Terry says, "I've decided it might be a beautiful mess."


29 June, 2015

"Peppers and a Turquoise Tray"

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting



20 June, 2015


T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting



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