31 March, 2014


AHC Premieres

"Nazis: Evolution of Evil"


This coming Wednesday evening, April 2, at 10/9 Central, the newly renamed AMERICAN HEREOS CHANNEL (formerly Discovery Military Channel) presents the series premiere of an historic 10-part blockbuster "Nazis: Evolution of Evil", narrated by Terry MacDonald.

Produced by IMG for AHC, the series details the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party cronies from the ashes of World War I through their demise in 1945, the trials at Nuremberg, and the hunt for Nazis which has gone on for more than 60 years.

About the series, Terry MacDonald says, "This is just about the most intense historical documentary I've seen. Of course, the Nazi genre is always a ratings blockbuster; this should be no different."

"Nazis: Evolution of Evil" will air every Wednesday at 10/9 Central for the next ten weeks. This Wednesday's premiere episode is entitled "The Misfits Gather."

For AHC, Executive Producer is John Terp. Coordinating Producer is Marissa Lucy.

To see the first episode's pre-title tease--the opening sequence of the show--click on the image below....




27 March, 2014

It Ain't Easy Being a Diva

Dame Ezme Ziegler of Austin, Texas


25 March, 2014

Kissing Miss Belle

Miss Ezme Ziegler of Austin, Texas has learned to give kisses.

Her loving Black Lab, Belle, loves to get--and give--her kisses.

Take a look...



14 March, 2014

Terry MacDonald Produces A Week of Washington Post Radio Promos

This week I got to revisit my roots as a recording engineer.

For fourteen years now, I've had the good fortune to be the voice of the Washington Post daily edition promos--a radio spot campaign that airs an average of twenty-six weeks per year.

The spots are written by the very excellent Mike Greenberg at the Post.  Mike’s script is emailed to us around 5 PM Eastern.   I normally voice them in my Annapolis basement under the ISDN-based direction of Jim Bloch,  the dean of mid-Atlantic recording engineers, who's produced this campaign for decades.  Jim then takes the winner selects, edits them together, mixes the master voice edit with the Post’s signature music and transmits the finished spot to a digital distribution center in New York around 6PM.  The center then gets them out to dozens of regional radio stations by 7 PM, for airing the next day.  It’s basically magic.

Unfortunately, this week Jim had to fly to Atlanta due to a family health emergency, so I sat in as producer. 

The main challenge I faced was to immediately learn the ‘mix’ side of Adobe Audition, my new sound software.  I’m not a  mixer these days--I read ‘em, then leave the mixing to the mixers.

After a self-inflicted 24-hour crash course on the ‘multi-track session’ side of Adobe Audition, voila, a week of radio spots!  I didn’t blow it.  But, please, Jim—get back soon.  You’re the master, I’m the reader.  I like it like that.
For your consideration, here’s one of the week’s Washington Post’s daily edition promos from the week, so you can hear a bit of the results…

Post for Friday, March 14


4 March, 2014

Congratulations granddaughter Rochelle Louise Hale, who turned 17 today.

And learned that the Secret of Happiness is

wearing the big sombrero at Hacienda del Mar.


Speaking of Happiness...

The Video of the Week !!!

...starring Miss Ezme Ziegler of Austin, Texas...who's about to learn to crawl...


The 2014 Oscars...

...didn't watch. As a longtime SAG member, I haven't taken these things seriously since

the Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences failed to give any recognition whatsoever to

the greatest achievement in the history of American cinema....


... and now back to this first episode of ...




First, a gratuitous grandbaby picture...

...and next...a gratuitous Emperor Po picture...

...okay, having covered those bases, welcome to my blog.

I was once told one should never have a blog unless one is certain he or she has something to say.

To which I say...

...listen, this blog-thingy wasn't my idea.

The designer of our new website, Trip Ulvila, insists that there be a blog spot so that

search engine robots can find it.

I'm not sure I want search engine robots

finding my blog spot, but... okay, I guess.


This will be the place where we'll have...



The latest piece of my artwork...

...and other stuff!

Keep a lookout.




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